Gunter Hildebrandt is a presenter with heart and humor. He already gained relevant experiences with many different radio-stations, domestic and abroad. The radio link man also created live-shows at the OK-Dortmund (open channel/station) and convinces with his charm and a great musical variety.
Gunter will indulge the audience With Music Made in Germany and independence music from the good old times. His repertoire is diversified.

Live on CM24 since 2008, every Wednesday between 6 pm - 8 pm.

He started off as a youngster, being one of the first DJs in Germany entertaining people in the early Discos. Thereby Gunter was able to expand his network with international and national musical acts. The STARCLUBS with the BEAT-BOYS, SVEN JENSSEN and on to the LOU VAN BURG - Show. Here he met former stars of the Twist era like CHUBBY CHECKER, JOE DEE....and PAUL ANKA. Also GITTE, BLUE DIAMONDS, JAN & KJELD.....and many more. He toured as a technician not only with LORD ULLI, RICKY SHANE, CHRIS ANDREWS for a long time, but also with ISABELL VARELL, GRAHAM BONNEY....... Next to his regular job he indulged his musical hobby as a show host with much success.

Gunter is a welcome guest on events of all kind with his competent moderations. He knows how to draw the right bow to the audience with his words. Certainly he leaves the stage to welcome 'his' audience during his shows, being not only 'the one on stage' but also likes to socialize with in them.

He shared stage with many leading Country music acts.